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    Died: 31 August in Paris France.

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    Main achievements: First wife of Charles, Prince of Wales born inwith whom she had two children: Prince William born in and Prince Harry born inheirs to the British throne.

    Changing public opinion about AIDS.

    Increasing public awareness worldwide about the dangers of landmines. Lady Di, as she is sometimes known, was without a doubt one of the best-known princesses of the 20th century.

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    She was born into an aristocratic family as Diana Spencer, and when she bedweetting datingting 19, she married the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles. However, their seemingly bedweetting datingting union soon turned sour, and their marriage was plagued with adultery and jealousy on both sides, eventually leading to their divorce 15 years later in Diana came to be seen as a celebrity, and the British public lapped up the newspaper articles, magazine photo spreads and documentaries that mapped out the finest details of her everyday life.

    This tragedy left the British public reeling, and triggered an immediate outpouring of tributes bedweetting datingting the late princess.

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    She remains beloved in the mind and memory of the British people today. Biography Ați ajuns la sfârșitul acestei previzualizări. Înscrieți-vă pentru a citi mai multe!

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    Începeți perioada gratuită de 30 zile Pagina 1 din 1 Ce părere au oamenii despre Princess Diana 0.