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    Surface Hub Descriere Confrontation of Kings is a multiplayer strategy game.

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    You can Build magnificent cities, defend your homeland, recruit troops to participate in bloody battles, attack other players, and experience the boiling vitality of war between offense and defense. Massive multi-player global real-time strategy battles, playing with players from all over the world, chatting, forming alliances in your own country, and working hard to build and upgrade your castles, hospitals, campuses, so that you can win in battle, What is more, important is to play with global players and form strategic alliances.

    Global real-time war, without borders, global players face off at the same time, global synchronization, you will compete with players from all countries and regions.

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    Siege and siege, long distance and close attack You will be fighting thousands of players from all over the world. Capture the land, plunder the city, and pour the war on the land of other lords; at the same time grow your city and troops to resist the attacks of other lords.

    There are no eternal enemies, no eternal allies, choose to cooperate with other lords-to develop and fight against common enemies together.

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    Military and Political Strategy, Conquer online dating Strategies A powerful city and a powerful army all need conquer online dating and space to coordinate. Reasonably manage your resources, allocate your army, and find efficient and balanced development strategies in castle construction and offensive and defensive capabilities.

    The stronger your castle is, the more enemies will slap your resources, and the more lords will be willing to form alliances with you. Explore the map and harvest the treasure Follow the tracks of monsters in the map, defeat them to get rich rewards, and find their treasures! Are you ready to join the battlefield against thousands of troops?

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    Use the right time, place, and people, manage the city's resources, and plan to become the real overlord in the game! Mai mult.

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