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The hero of ballads dating from as early as the 14th century, Robin Hood was a rebel who robbed and killed landowners and government officials and gave his gains to the poor. He treated women and common people with courtesy and he ignored the laws of the forest that restricted hunting rights.

His greatest enemy was the sheriff of Nottingham.

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The ballads emerged during a time of agrarian unrest that culminated in the Peasants' Dating south yorkshire of There is no evidence of Robin Hood's historical puerto rican dating vamă, though later tradition places him in the reign of King John. In postmedieval ballads and stories he was a nobleman who took refuge in Sherwood Forest after losing his lands.

Robin Hood was a rebel and many of the most striking episodes in the tales about him show him and his companions robbing and killing representatives of authority and giving the gains to the poor.

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Their most frequent enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham, a local agent of the central government dating south yorkshire internal evidence from the early ballads makes it clear that the action took place chiefly in south Yorkshire, not in Nottinghamshire. Other enemies included wealthy ecclesiastical landowners. Robin treated women, the poor and people of humble status with courtesy. A blossoms asiatice dating deal of the impetus for his revolt against authority stemmed from popular resentment over those laws of the forest that restricted hunting rights.

The early ballads, especially, reveal the cruelty that was an inescapable part of medieval life. Dating south yorkshire attempts have been made to prove that there was a historical Robin Hood, though references to the legend by medieval writers make it clear that the ballads themselves were the only evidence for his existence available to them.

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A popular modern belief that he was of the time of Richard I probably stems from a pedigree fabricated by an 18th-century antiquary, William Stukeley. None of the various claims identifying Robin Hood with a particular historical figure has gained much support and the outlaw's existence may never have been anything but legendary.

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The authentic Robin Hood ballads were the poetic expression of popular aspirations in the north of England during a turbulent era of baronial rebellions and agrarian discontent, which culminated in the Peasants' Revolt of The theme of the free but persecuted outlaw enjoying the forbidden hunting of the forest and outwitting or killing the forces of law and order naturally appealed to the common people.

Although many of the best-known Robin Hood ballads are postmedieval, there is a core that can be confidently attributed to the medieval period. During the 16th century and later, the essential character of the legend was distorted by a suggestion that Robin was a fallen nobleman and playwrights, eagerly adopting this new element, increased the romantic appeal of the stories but deprived them of their social bite.

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Postmedieval ballads which gave Robin a companion, Maid Marian also lost most of their vitality and poetic value, doubtless as a result of losing the original social impulse that brought them into existence. Folklore A hero of a group of English ballads of the late 14th or early 15th century.

Robin hood was portrayed as an outlaw who lived and poached in the royal forest of Sherwood, in Nottinghamshire, and Barnsdale, in Yorkshire.

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He robbed and killed those who represented the power of the government and the Church and he championed the cause of the needy and oppressed.

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dating south yorkshire