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    While appearing uniformly frozen when viewed from afar, what the place might be like close up is mysterious for many. Zoom in, and you find that Greenland is geographically diverse, with a unique culture and distinctive way of life.

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    It is the most sparsely populated country on the planet with approximately 55, inhabitants. A few thousand residents have chosen to relocate from Denmark, but the vast majority are native to the island with an indigenous culture dating back for millennia.

    With its huge landmass of rugged terrain and tundra, and small dispersed population, Greenland is both wild and isolated. GSM coverage is limited to the towns.

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    SPOT Gen3 has become more and more popular since he first brought the device to the island just a few years back. Greenland is not the uniform mass of snow and ice we might imagine.

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    Majaq set out on the famous Arctic Circle Trail which follows this beautiful, wildlife-rich route, known as one of the best long-distance hikes in the world. The trail stretches up to km miles from the edge of the ice cap to the fishing town of Sisimiut on the west coast.

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    During his recent visit, on returning from a four-day hunting trip, the boat carrying him and his party emerged from the calm waters of a fjord into a sudden and extreme storm in the open sea. So fierce were the wind and waves, the party urgently had to seek shelter in a cabin they luckily found on shore until the tempest passed. Hunter dating website to get in touch with anyone, you need satellite communications.

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