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Empire a dat dating. Viața MacBook-ului


    I needent have worried!

    empire a dat dating

    Delivery time was much shorter than expected, arriving exactly on the earliest estimated date. The models were also easy to assemble, with minimal clipping and shaving needed, and they look absoluteley fantastic. Would certainly recomend!

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    They look fantastic and have received many compliments, despite being a hair taller than the standard GW models that make up the rest of the army.

    My only issue was with the prep work: I followed the instructions in the box, cleaning the models with warm water and soap, before priming them.

    After spray painting the primer on I went to start painting and all of the primer flaked off wherever I would touch the model. This resulted in my having to dry brush the primer off and clean the models again before I could get them painted and combat ready.

    empire a dat dating

    In conclusion, I would advise new buyers to wash these models twice, being very thorough each time. All of that aside, I will probably buy more of these sometime in the future. De asemenea, este posibil să vă placă Totul despre Raging Heroes.

    empire a dat dating