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Articolul 5 GDPR. Principles relating to processing of personal data 1 Datele cu caracter personal sunt: 1.

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The idea behind the service is that the bank, by requesting permission from the customer, can be able to retrieve data from public authorities about the customer. This may be, focus artikel online dating example, tax data from the tax administration.

This online seminar aims to assess and debate the legal measures enacted to prevent and combat this phenomenon and to promote the effective investigation and prosecution of these offences. This seminar will focus on intervention programmes and measures to prevent sexual exploitation of children. Key topics European and international legal instruments to fight child sex abuse Measures against advertising opportunities for abuse and sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism Preventive intervention programmes or measures Intervention programmes or measures on a voluntary basis in the course of or after criminal proceedings Who should attend? Judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice, law enforcers, ministry officials, academia, victims’ support units and representative of children rights from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Cyprus “Regional approach” Conference fee: 35 EUR Interactive online conference The online conference will be hosted on ERA’s own online training platform. You will be able to interact immediately and directly with our top-quality speakers and other participants.

Initially, this personal data is necessary in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract. However, this specific way of processing the personal data is not necessary for entering into a contract, because a loan may be granted without obtaining data directly from public authorities.

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The customer is able to enter into a contract by providing the information from the tax administration herself. The fact that this specific processing presents a risk of the data subject becoming less involved in the processing of their data is also a relevant factor in assessing the lawfulness of the processing itself.

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The bank concludes that this part of the processing must rely on consent. The bank therefore presents information about the processing on the online application platform in such a manner that makes it easy for data subjects to understand focus artikel online dating processing is mandatory and what is optional.

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The processing options, by default, do not allow retrieval of data directly from other sources than the data subject herself, and the option for direct information retrieval is presented in a manner that does not deter the data subject from abstaining. Any consent given to collect data directly from other controllers is a temporary right of access to a specific set of information.

Any given consent is processed electronically in a documentable manner, and data subjects are presented with an easy way of controlling what they have consented to and to withdraw their consent.

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The controller has assessed these Data protection by design and default DPbDD requirements beforehand and includes all of these criteria in their requirements specification for the tender to procure the platform. The controller is aware that if they do not include the DPbDD requirements in the tender, it may either be too late or a very costly process to implement data protection afterwards. EN Example of transparency measures: A controller is designing a privacy policy in order to comply with the requirements of transparency.

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The privacy policy cannot contain a lengthy bulk of information that is difficult for the average data subject to penetrate and understand, it must be written in clear and concise language and make it easy for the user of the website to understand how their personal data is processed. The controller therefore provides information in a multi-layered manner, where the most important points are highlighted.

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Drop-down menus and links to other pages are provided to further explain the concepts in the policy. The controller also makes sure that the information is provided in a multi-channel manner, providing video clips to explain the most important points of the information. The privacy policy cannot be difficult for data subjects to access.

The privacy policy is thus made available and visible on all internal web-pages of the site in question, so that the data subject is always only one click away from accessing the information.

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The information provided is also designed in focus artikel online dating with the best practices and standards of universal design to make it accessible to all. Moreover, necessary information must also be provided in the right context, at the appropriate time.

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This means, that generally a privacy policy on the website alone is not sufficient for the controller to meet the requirements of transparency. The controller therefore designs an information flow, presenting the data subject with relevant information within the appropriate contexts using e. For example, when asking the data subject to enter personal data, the controller informs the data subject of how the personal data will be processed and why that personal data is necessary for the processing.

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EN Examples of fairness considerations: Example 1 A controller operates a search engine that processes mostly user-generated personal data. The dating mii de stejari benefits from having large amounts of personal data and being able to use that personal data for targeted advertisements.

The controller therefore wishes to influence data subjects to allow extensive collection and use of their personal data. When implementing the fairness principle, taking into account the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processing, the controller realizes that they cannot present the options in a way that nudges the data subject in the direction of allowing the controller to collect more personal data than if the options were presented in an equal and neutral way.

This means that they cannot present the processing options in such a manner that makes it difficult for data subjects to abstain from sharing their data, or make it difficult for the data subjects to adjust their privacy settings and limit the processing.

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The default options for the processing must be the least invasive, and the choice for further processing must be presented in a manner that does not deter the data subject from abstaining. Re- os dating 2 Another controller processes personal data for the provision of a streaming service where users may choose between a regular subscription of standard quality and a premium subscription with higher quality.

As part of the premium subscription, subscribers get prioritized customer service. This means that although the premium subscribers get prioritized service, such prioritization cannot result in a lack of appropriate measures to respond to request from regular subscribers without undue delay and in any event within one month of receipt of the requests.

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Prioritized customers may pay to get better service, but all data subjects shall have equal and indiscriminate access to enforce their rights and freedoms according to the GDPR.