Book critical of Chinese PM Wen Jiabao goes on sale

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About sharing image captionAuthor Yu Jie could be arrested and face jail for his book A controversial new book written by a Chinese dissident critical of China's Premier Wen Jiabao has gone hacker dating sale in Hong Kong. Mr Yu was briefly detained last month by the police, who warned him not to publish the book.

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Wen Jiabao has gained popularity in China by showing sympathy with ordinary people, especially during natural disasters like the mudslide last week. But Mr Yu says he does not believe in this public persona.

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They are on a tandem bike, heading in the same direction. I think they are playing the good-guy-bad-guy routine, like the harsh-dad-loving-mum sort of thing," he told the BBC's Chinese service. I think they have more in common than differences.

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That's why I don't agree with the unrealistic view held by many Western scholars and China observers, as well as many Chinese people, that Wen is a reformist, that he is more open.

I have a different view, which may not necessarily be the right one, but needs to be voiced. But in China this idea is not often discussed; the country's leaders face very little criticism - most negative images are banned, our correspondent adds.

Risk of arrest Mr Yu's Hong Kong publisher, Bao Pu, says he fears hacker dating writer could be arrested and face jail for his book, but that both he and Mr Yu felt it necessary to ignore the threat of police action, in order to maintain their freedom to print. Despite the problems, Mr Yu thinks publishing his book is worth the risk: "I think modern citizens in a modern society should have the right to criticise and be suspicious of their leaders.

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Mr Yu's first book sold more than two million copies, but he is barred from printing his books in mainland China. Instead, he prints them in Taiwan and, now, Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong, due to its semi-autonomous status, enjoys press freedom, unlike the rest of mainland China. However, he told the BBC World Service: "It is harder to say what impact it will have on China's domestic readership as the great majority of people there will have no access to either the book or commentaries on it.

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